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Cholera Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Cholera is fatal infection caused by bacteria known as Vibrio Cholerae. If no treatment given in time cholera could result in death in just 2 to 4 hours. You could get infected by cholera either by contaminated food and water or even from the patient infected by vibrio cholerae.

Aquatic environment are the main home for these bacteria. Well managed and hygienic conditions can eliminate vibrio bacteria and that's exactly why they mostly nourish in less developed countries with high poverty level and poor sanitation systems.

Once infected form vibrio cholerea, impediments starting from liquid stools step up to dropping blood pressure and hypotensive levels causing death of infected patient within 3 hours if medication is not provided.

As aquatic water being the main carrier of its bacteria, you could also get infected from undercooked seafood. Raw vegetables and fruits can also act as reservoirs of vibrio cholerea, and further at times the bacteria could also be found in wells and surface water.

Cholera is a disease having the potential of creating a widespread outbreak. Incase of such a outbreak openly left cooked food could also become a very preferred nest for its bacteria.


The major symptoms of cholera include severe watery stools, diarrhea making the patient loose large amount of fluids and salts from the body. Nausea and vomiting also appear along with watery feces. Muscle cramps due to loss of potassium and sodium form the body may also appear.

Dehydration due to lack of fluids in body is also one of major symptoms and at times patient could also go into a shock or coma because of low blood volume and blood pressure in the body.

Similarly in children the drowsiness, coma and fever are taken as major symptoms of cholera too.


Immediate supply of water, salts, electrolytes and minerals is the best treatment for the patient of Cholera. ORS (oral rehydration salts) are also known to be the best and inexpensive medication for Cholera.

In case the ORS is not available a home based remedy of preparing a very effective rehydration salt can also be followed, which involves simple ingredients like water, salt, sugar and baking soda.

Other than rehydration solutions, fruits and other fiber diets can also be given to the patient of cholera.

Lime juice mixed with mineral water should be given to the patient at least 2-3 times daily which turns out to be a very effective treatment. Further onions with sprinkle of black pepper are also suggested for the patients of cholera.

Maintaining a good hygiene level and cleanliness are very important in prevention from cholera disease. Properly washing your hands after using public toilets with antiseptic soap and giving them good wash of at least 15-30 seconds under hot water is mandatory.

Bottled water should always be the first choice of drinking because tape water has most chances of contamination with cholera bacteria. Always eat well cooked meals and totally avoid undercooked sushi and sea food.

While traveling always prefer well cooked vegetable or fruits with strong thick skins, which you can peel yourself. Further be very selective in dairy products like unprocessed milk, yogurts and cheese could also have infectious bacteria. Similar case is with ice creams if they are not made from pasteurized milk or processed ingredients.

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