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Mouth Ulcers Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Mouth ulcer or oral ulcer is caused, when an open sore appears inside the mouth. There are many reasons for mouth ulcer, which includes medical conditions, canker sores, Protozoans, Gingivostomatitis, herplex simplex, Oral lichen planus, Oral thrush and Oral cancer.

There are two types of mouth ulcers called aphthous ulcers and herpes simplex virus. Gingivostomatitis is a kind of mouth infection found in children, which is caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 and it also causes cold sores. Leukoplakia is a sore, which develops inside the cheek or the tongue and it is caused due to chronic irritation.

Common Causes of Mouth Ulcer

1. Infections caused by injuries: These can be caused by minor injuries in mouth caused by toothbrush or accidental biting.

2. Chemical injuries: Aspirin, alcohol or some other chemicals found in toothpaste may cause oral ulcers.

3. Immune reactions: Lichen planus is caused by the swollen rash in the mouth. It is a kind of immune reaction.

4. Allergic reaction: Oral infections can also be caused by allergic reactions caused by amalgam. Glutton sensitivity can cause mouth ulcer. Many people get mouth ulcers when they eat wheat, barley or rye. Artificial sugar can also cause these ulcers. Artificial sugar is found in soft drinks.

5. Dietary deficiency: Vitamin C deficiency can cause mouth ulcers. Deficiency of minerals such as Vitamin B12 and zinc can also cause these ulcers.

6. Infections: Bacterial, fungal, viral or parasite infection may cause this problem.

Viral Infection: Common form of viral infection is caused by Herpes simplex virus and in this condition, the vesicles burst causes infections.

Bacterial infection: The common form of bacterial infection is caused by Treponema pallidum and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. There are also other forms of bacterial infections, which may cause mouth ulcers.

Fungal infection and Protozoans infection: There are also many types of fungal infections and protozoan infections, which can be seen in mouth.

Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers

1. Tender lesions found on the mouth, cheek or tongue
2. You can find blue or white spots in the mouth
3. Increasing size of ulcers with time
4. Lines of lesions found on mouth or gums or cheeks
5. Dry mouth
6. Metallic taste in mouth
7. Change in the shape of nails
8. Hair loss
9. Difficulty in eating food
10. Loss of appetite

Treatment of Mouth Ulcer

1. Oral hygiene should be improved. Regular brushing and cleaning the mouth with fresh water can reduce bacterial infections caused by the food products found in the teeth gaps.

2. Using antihistamines, corticosteroids or antacids may reduce pain of the mouth sores.

3. Rinse your mouth with benzocaiune.

4. Avoid eating hot and spicy food.

5. Wash your mouth with warm salted water to reduce infections.

6. If the mouth ulcers stay for more than some weeks, you should contact a medical practitioner to find out about the real cause of the ulcers.

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