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Tapeworm Infection Symptoms, Treatment

Tapeworms classified as parasitic organisms are usually found in pork, beef meat and fresh water meat like fishes. The tapeworms find their way into human body when you eat undercooked food items like beef, pork or fish meat.

Cysticercosis is the widely known infection in human beings caused by tapeworms. The dilemma with tapeworm infection is that it has no initial symptoms. The symptoms may show in very lateral stage, when you would able to actually see tapeworms in feces visible from a naked eye.

Tapeworms have to be very taken very seriously once they get into your body. First, very low chances that there are going to be any symptoms at initial stage, further an average adult tape worm has a life of 4 to 6 weeks but can survive in host up to 20 years easily without giving any noticeable symptoms.

Tapeworms have the tendency to reproduce in a very fast pace and continue to infect the human body for years. Different forms of tapeworms cause different infections like tapeworms in a fish meat can cause severe anemia in human body, whereas tapeworm from beef or pork usually cause abdominal disturbances like pain, loss of appetite and diarrhea.

Further tapeworms can also cause obstruction of food in intestine cause stern abdominal pain and in some cases can also travel to brain causing severe headache.

Other than these complications, tapeworm can cause invasive infections in which they travel outside intestine, reaching causing infection in other tissues of the body.

Tapeworm infection can be classified into two types, intestinal infection and invasive infection. The common symptoms of intestinal infection are nausea, weakness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss in very rare cases.

On the other hand symptoms of seizers, fever and bacterial infections can be categorized under invasive infection.

Tapeworm infection can be cured with herbal medicines proven to have very effective results. The most common herbs used the treatment of tapeworm infection are Omphalia Lapidescens effective in killing parasites, seeds of Sinapis Alba and Coix Lacryma-jobi proven to be very effective in lung infection and fever created by tapeworms.

Other major herbs like Lonicera japonica serves as very useful antibiotic facilitating white cells in human body and making giving you a strong immune system. Another very noticeable herb Root of Angelica dahurica stimulates respiratory and nerve system and gives fast recovery for the patient.

The advantage of using herbal medicines is that they have no side effects what so ever contrary to other pharmaceutical medicines and come with huge rate of efficacy.

Tapeworm infections can be prevented by maintaining a level of hygiene in you surrounding. It very important to keep in mind to always wash your hands and fruits and other food items while traveling.

As tapeworms are mostly found in meat, it is necessary to always give a very good wash to beef, meat of fish meat and always freeze your meat for at least 12 hours to completely get rid of tapeworms. Again meat has to be well cooked to keep you away from any kind of infection.

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