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Threadworm, Pinworm Infection Symptoms, Treatment

Threadworms are intestinal parasitic organisms also known as pinworms and seatworms. Pinworms are white in color like nematode as they are classified as type of nematode. There size ranges from 8 to 13 mm and they have a thickness of 0.5 mm.

It is argued that pinworms mostly infect children but threadworm infections are also often diagnosed in adults too. Due to its very mild symptoms the infection is taken very casually. Pinworm infection is also the most common intestinal parasitic infection in US.

Like all parasitic infections in human the main cause of pinworm infection is unhygienic conditions. Pinworms mainly reside in last part of intestine around anal area. The most common symptom of this infection is itching around anus.

Pinworms reside around anus, and feed on the leftover human feces. The itching in pinworm infection in host human body takes place during night hours as the female pinworm migrate around anus area to lay eggs. This often results in severe itching and on scratching mostly leads into tearing of skin and other bacterial infections.

In females, sometimes the infection in anal area is extended till urethra creating more bacterial infections and complications like urinary tract infection, painful urination and vaginal discharge.

Other than main symptom of itching around anal area; restlessness, difficulty in sleeping, weight loss, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and hunger are also regarded as symptoms of pinworm infection.

The allopathic solution for threadworm infection comes with very common side effects like nausea, headache and tendency of creating extreme complication of birth defects if given to pregnant women; it is highly recommended to avoid this medication at all costs.

Herbal medicines tends to have no such side effects, further home based remedies like eating high fiber diet like vegetables and fruits makes also helps in getting rid of pinworms from your body.

It is also often recommended by practitioners to continue the herbal medication and treatment still after the body is cured from threadworm infection as the chances that re-infection of pinworms in human body are very high.

Garlic and cloves are highly recommended for the treatment of pinworm disease. Having a certain amount of cloves and garlic in every cooked meal not only fights with these parasites but also reduces the chances of getting infected again. Adding papaya, watermelon and pumpkin seed in your diet is also very effective in the elimination process of pinworm or threadworm infection.

Scratching has to be avoided in case of pinworm infection as it creates more complications. Keep your fingernails short as they can also act as mode of transformation from body to another body for pinworms.

Taking a bath every day and keeping your undergarments clean and tidy by drying them in a reasonable heat temperature also lower the chances of pinworm infection in human body.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are very important factors in prevention of pinworm infection. Keeping your household clean and washing your hands and food items before use are basic requirement for preventing any type of threadworm infection.

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