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Constipation Treatment, Natural Cure for Chronic Constipation, Hard Stool

Constipation is a condition in which the patient suffers from painful defecation which is caused by irregular and hard stool. In chronic constipation, the patient can suffer from fecal inconvenience and the condition may cause ulcers in rectal tissues.

Constipation CureArozyme Capsule is a herbal formulation that helps in keeping the stool soft for natural and easy passage and cure constipation permanently. This herbal preparation regularizes the digestive system and cures all kinds of digestive disorders such as acidity, indigestion, heartburn, loss of appetite, stomach pain, fullness of the abdomen, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation treatment and flatulence.

Arozyme Capsule provides overall support for the digestive function and helps ensure that the digestive tract works at the best level. It aids digestion and relieves constipation. It is a very good herbal remedy for chronic constipation. Regular intake of Arozyme Capsules helps to remove the toxins from your digestive system and help in the proper absorption of the food that helps to clear the bowels naturally.

Arozyme Capsule helps in complete evacuation of stomach and takes out the faeces adhered in the intestines. It activates the intestines so that the internal layer of intestines does not allow the faeces to adhere there again. Arozyme Capsule is one of the best natural bowel regulators and is widely used as a natural constipation treatment. It is considered to be the safest formula that does not produce any harmful side effects even after a long term.


Ferula Foetida (Asfoetida, Hing): It helps in reducing the feeling of fullness caused by constipation and it cleans the digestive tract.

Gardenia Gummifera Linn (Dikamali): It was used on wounds to prevent infections and for easy recovery from infections. Its resin can be used to enhance peristaltic movement in body and to stimulate normal functioning of other body parts such as heart, liver, spleen and respiratory tract.

Mint (Poudina): Mint leaves are used in many different types of teas and beverages .It has a sweet flavor and feels cool after - taste .It is used to treat stomach pain caused by constipation and it helps in reducing infections of the digestive tract.

Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki): It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which are used to inhibit the growth of infectious E. Coli in urinary tract. It also prevents growth of other infectious bacteria in digestive tract and helps to improve bowel movement.

Cassia Angustifolia (Sanay): The anthraquinone glycosides present in the Cassia Angustifolia works as a laxative which prevents water absorption in intestine and improves bowel movement.

Zingiber Officinale (Sonth): It is effective in preventing infections in intestine and it also helps in improving bowel movement but it should not be taken in powdered form in large quantities by people who are suffering from inflammation in intestine or stomach ulcers.

Ptychotis Ajowan (Ajwain): It is very effective in treating all form of stomach problem such as bloating and constipation. It prevents the formation of gastric gases and helps to prevent blockage of bowel caused by indigestion.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Madhur kshar): It can be taken in case of acid and indigestion. It helps in preventing heartburn caused by indigestion.


Take 1-2 capsules twice daily with water after meal or as directed by the physician.


Each pack of Arozyme contains 50 capsules.

Constipation Treatment
100 capsules $30 - Free
150 capsules $42 $3 Free
250 capsules
$60 $15 Free
500 capsules
(Best Save)
$99 $51 Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the causes and symptoms of constipation?

Constipation is a very common problem mainly caused due to poor eating habits and lack of physical activities. Constipation for long term can allow the toxic substances to get deposited in the colon. These harmful substances get absorbed into the bloodstream and produce severe sickness. Such toxic material can adversely affect the body and produce major energy deficiency, headache, piles, stomatitis, mood swing and in some unfortunate cases even colon cancer. Thus it is very important to treat this problem effectively.


1. It can be caused by a number of reasons. Some of the common reasons are diet, side effects of certain drugs, hormonal changes and toxicity.

2. It can happen as a symptom for an endocrine or metabolic problem such as Irritable bowel movement, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes Miletus, Hypocalcaemia, Celiac etc.

3. It can be caused by colonic slow transit and obstructed defecation.

4. It can be caused by mechanical or functional reasons.

5. It can also be found in people who suffer from muscular disorders.


Some of the symptoms of constipation are

1. Reduced appetite
2. Feeling of fullness and dullness
3. Abdominal pain and bloating
4. Difficulty in passing stool

How to cure constipation naturally?

For permanent constipation treatment, first the reason for constipation should be analyzed and changes in diet should be made accordingly. A number of laxatives are available in the market which can be taken to increase the flow of bowel. But many of these laxatives are habit forming and are not safe for long term use.

There are a number of herbs which can be used to treat the problem of constipation and related symptoms caused by constipation such as haritaki, asafoetida, poudina, dikamali, sanay, ajwain and sonth. All these valuable herbs and natural ingredients are combined in a right proportion in capsule form as Arozyme Capsule to prevent and cure constipation or hard stool problem.

What additional things I can do to prevent constipation?

Clear the bowels daily as soon as the urge arises to stay away from further hard stool or constipation problem. Schedule a regular time for bowel movements. A healthy diet and exercises go a long way in treating constipation. Eat fiber rich fruits and vegetables for easy passage of the stools.

Is Arozyme Capsule safe to use?

Arozyme Capsule contains 100% pure plant-based natural ingredients using no fillers, grains, binders, yeast, sugars, starches or synthetic materials. Arozyme Capsule is not known to have any side effects and can be used for long term without any fear of side effects.

How long I need to take Arozyme capsules?

For constipation treatment, it is recommended to take Arozyme capsules consistently for at least 2-3 months.

Constipation Treatment
100 capsules $30 - Free
150 capsules $42 $3 Free
250 capsules
$60 $15 Free
500 capsules
(Best Save)
$99 $51 Free

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