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Best Biceps Exercise - Bicep Exercises and Workouts

All the men dream for big muscles. The big muscles help you to improve your over all personality. The health is also generally measured by the size of your big muscles and the chest. The big muscles are therefore required for a good and healthy personality.

Biceps are the ultimate show muscle. Biceps are the most recognizable part of the body. So, for big biceps you need to do some exercise. There are so many exercises which help you to make good biceps and you can also use some biceps equipments like dumbbells, cable machine and different kind of bars. One of the good exercises is inclined dumbbells curls. In this you are required an inclined bench and pair of dumbells. In this exercise the angle of inclination of bench may varied for varying stress on the arms. Another exercise is standing dumbbells curls. It works on the forearms and biceps. In this exercise the dumbells are lifted up by making the elbow at rest. To stress on forearms only, the preachers curls named exercise is used. For this you are required a preacher bench and a pad, sit on the preacher bench and put your hands on pad making the palms of hand facing upward and lift the weights upward. Since this is an isolation exercise, so use light weight and work upon this perfect exercise form. You can also do this exercise with the help of dumbells or the bar attached with a pulley.

To exert stress on the biceps only, another exercise can be used i.e. cable Biceps curl. For this exercise attach a cable with the bottom of your cable machine and lift the cable using a bar, by keeping your elbow at stationery position. One advice for doing all of the above exercise is to be mindful to your posture and keep your muscles tight to make proper form. The one of the best exercise is the hammer curls. Lift the dumbells with your hands by your sides and palm facing towards thighs and curl up and then back down.

Only exercise is not sufficient to make your biceps massive and big. The extra diet would be required for making the biceps. Combining a healthy diet and a very strict workout regime is extremely essential to attain huge biceps. Maintaining high energy level is also essential and nutrition supplements should be consumed adequately in order to do so. Foods like vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats, fishes and soya beans; etc which is high in fibre can be consumed and are highly recommended for protein supplements. Besides the diet and proper exercise, proper rest is also essential for the good biceps. It is very important to get into the habit of getting quality rest every night. What you have to know is that the body actually grows and build muscles while you are sleeping, not while your weight training. So, to make good biceps, perform exercise and also think about your diet and rest.

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