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Exercises to Build Calf Muscles - How to Get Big Calves

It is not an easy task to develop calf muscles. Your daily body movements like walking tightens your muscles hence there growth is suppressed. The basic thing that you should understand is the correct moves, postures and above all its significance.

The gym trainers emphasize more on building upper portion but reduce the priority for the lower portion such as leg muscles and the calf muscles. We can walk or run only if our calves have the power to balance such movements. The basic calf muscles are soleus and gastrocnemius. The calf muscles are found below your knees and these muscles are categorized into two parts namely the inner and outer calf muscles. It is important to have strength in legs. Calf muscle exercises reduce wear and tear. Moreover to attain sturdy calf muscles you need to be regular and honest with your schedule. Hereunder is the list of some exercises for calf muscles.

The steps to be followed are: firstly, stand straight on the foot block and make your toes pointing in the forward direction. The postures are the only significant point to remember. Now you can bend and make your hands and elbow at rest on bench. Your upper body is supposed to be in parallel with the ground. Get your heels down very slowly with slightly increasing pressure on the calf muscles. Hold yourself in this position for a second and repeat 16 times in 3 sets.

The next one makes your legs bent at 90 degrees. Sit on the machine and make sure that the pads are glued to your knees. The foot block is now waiting for your feet, distancing your feet, about the width of the shoulder and toes pointing in the forward direction. Now try to rise on your toes up to the maximum limit and remain in that position for a nick of time, Repeat 16 times in 3 sets.

Another exercise for calf muscles that can be followed is, standing calve raise. Place your head between the shoulder pads and step on the foot support of the machine. Your toes again need to be in the forward direction. Support all your weight on shoulder and make yourself straight. Slowly lower your heels in order to stretch your calf muscles completely. Rise high till your maximum and allow the contraction. Hold this position for a moment only. Repeat it for 12 to 14 times, in 3 sets.

Next you have a specially featured calf raise machine. Step in with only one foot; make sure that your heels hang off the block. You will require a support in this. Don't bend you knee and lower the position of your heel very slowly, while increasing and stretching the pressure on the calve muscles. Pause yourself in such a position for 5 seconds and then rise slowly with the support of your toes. Experience the contraction. Repeat the same, for the other leg too.

You can also opt for cycling, sit-ups, squats, calf stretch and legs curl for developing the strength in the calf.

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