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Glycosuria Treatment, Glucosuria Herbal Remedy

The medical condition in which glucose is secreted through urine is known as Glycosuria or Glucosuria. Normally all filtered glucose is pushed back into the blood stream by the kidney. However due to elevated level of blood glucose (normally exceeding RTG level ie 160-180 mg/dl i.e. 8.9-10 mmol/l), which may be result of diabetes mellitus, glucose is excreted into the urine and glycosuria or glucosuria is caused. Sometimes due to intrinsic problem kidneys reabsorb the glucose within itself. In persons with low RTG (renal threshold of glucose) the condition may be produced by even normal blood glucose level. This condition is called 'renal glycosuria'.

Glycosuria causes excessive loss of water along with urine from the body and hence may result in dehydration. This condition is called osmotic diuresis.

With Benedict's qualitative test the level of glucose in urine can be known.

Causes of Glycosuria

1. Diabetes is a major cause of glycosuria or glucosuria. In diabetes the body produces low insulin and hence all of the glucose could not be processed. This results in inability of renal system to remove all of the sugar. Hence some of the sugar passes through urine and cause number of complications.

2. Since kidneys are responsible for filtration of sugar in the body, any infections or disease of kidneys which disrupt the function of kidneys causes glycosuria or glucosuria. Disorders related to kidneys like acute tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis syndrome are believed to be a cause of Glycosuria or Glucosuria.

3. Hyperthyroidism may become a cause of Glycosuria or Glucosuria. Hyperthyroidism is a medical disorder in which the excessive thyroid hormones are produced by the thyroid gland. High level of thyroid hormones disrupted the function of the renal system and many other organ systems. Hence the renal system is not able to absorb sugar from the waste products of the body and hence sugar is not properly filtered from the urine.

4. Pregnant women may become vulnerable to temporary Glycosuria or Glucosuria. Since it is normal for pregnant women to have more meals and sugary drinks hence due to increased level of sugar, some amounts of it may leak from kidneys into urine. It is not taken seriously unless accompanied by other symptoms like weight loss, fatigue or excessive thrust.

5. Cirrohsis caused by excessive use of alcohol or any other disease of liver can damage function of liver. Since liver is responsible for processing of carbohydrates, damage to it causes excessive glucose level which finally leads to glycosuria or glucosuria.

6. Other causes of glycosuria or glucosuria include exposure to chemical like Amitraj & Cadmium, metabolic disorder of Glutaric aciduria, Hyperglycemia, Shwachman-Diamond syndrome etc.

Glycosuria Treatment

Treatment of glycosuria or glucosuria mainly concentrates on reducing sugar level in the body and enhancing the production of insulin. Diabkil capsules are herbal preparation which helps immensely in proper secretion of insulin in the body. It is very rich in anti-oxidants. It helps in enhancement of both the plasma insulin and hemoglobin. The benefit of Diabkil capsules is that it is natural and safe to use and also it does not cross react with any other type of insulin being taken by the patient.

Glycosuria Treatment

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