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Muscular Cramps Treatment, Muscular Pain Relief Herbal Remedy

The alternate contraction and relaxation of muscle is controlled by us during movement or any physical activity. A condition in which muscle contracts involuntarily and forcefully it is called in a spasm. If this condition continues for some time it becomes a muscular cramp. Hence muscular cramps can be defined as "a spasmodic, painful, involuntarily contraction of skeletal muscle".

Muscular cramp is very common. It may last for few seconds to several minutes or sometimes even longer. It may involve one or more muscle at a time. In some cases it recurs multiple times before vanishing.

Four major types of muscular cramp are true cramps, tetany, contractures and dystonic cramps. This categorization is based on the cause of the cramp and group of the muscle they affect.

Causes of Muscular Cramps

Muscle fatigue and imbalanced sodium in the body are common causes of skeletal muscle cramp. Major causes of different types of muscle cramps are as follow -

1. True cramps are most common skeletal muscle cramp. It affects single or group of muscle which act together for example muscles that flex adjacent fingers. It can be caused by injury or vigorous activity which cause muscle to spasm.

2. In older age, more often cramps at rest occur. Generally it occurs during night and hence also called nocturnal cramp. Mostly, onset of nocturnal cramp is triggered by making movement which involves shortening of muscle.

3. Dehydration causes sodium depletion in the body. Dehydration caused by strenuous activities like sports where fluid loss is due to heavy perspiration is a potential cause of true cramps.

4. True cramps may occur due to low level of calcium and magnesium. Low level of calcium and magnesium creates hyperactivity of nerve tissues and increases muscle stimulation. It is generally observed in older age people or in pregnant woman. Low level of potassium is responsible for weakness of muscles and hence is also associated with development of muscle cramp.

5. The condition of increased activity of all the nerve cells in stimulation of muscle in the body is called tetany. It causes muscle cramps throughout the body. Many times it is accompanied by numbness or tingling of the muscle. Electrolyte disturbance is the major cause of tetany.

6. Contractures are not very common. It is caused by depletion of adenosine triphosphae which prevents muscle fiber relaxation.

7. Dystonic cramps affect small group of muscles like neck, jaws, eyelids etc. This is a condition in which muscles, which are not intended for movement, get stimulated to contract. Normally muscles involved in dystonic cramps are those which work in the opposite direction of intended movement.

8. Menstruation may cause abdominal cramps which may radiates to lower back or thigh.

Muscular Cramps Treatment

Muscular cramp can be treated with Rumatone Gold capsules which are formulated with superior quality of natural herbs. The ingredients of Rumatone Gold capsules include rasna, pipal, suranjan, rigni, sonth etc which are known pain relievers.

Massage with ayurvedic oil like Rumatone Gold oil can provide relief from muscular cramp. It can reduce the stiffness in the muscles and increase its flexibility. Rumatone Gold capsule and oil work as a complete natural muscular cramps treatment if used consistently for 2-3 months.

Muscular Cramps Treatment

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