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Neuralgia Treatment, Neuralgia Pain Relief Herbal Remedy

Neuralgia is a form of chronic pain in one or more nerves while there is no visible pathological change or anatomical cause. The stimulation of nociceptor (pain receptor) cell is absent in this condition. It is caused mainly by disturbances in neurological structure or function. Though it can affect person of any age, older people are more affected by it. It is observed that women are more susceptible to neuralgia compared to men.

Neuralgia is classified under two categories: Central neuralgia and Peripheral neuralgia.

Symptoms of Neuralgia

A sharp stabbing pain, which is generally brief, is a common symptom of neuralgia. The pain is felt mostly along the path of a specific nerve with burning sensation. The intensity of pain increases during any activity like movement or pressure (even mild pressure).

The attack of trigeminal neuralgia can be stimulated by simple activities like making facial expression, talking, light touch to skin or eating.

Numbness or increased sensation of the skin may signal neuralgia.

The function of the part of body may get disturbed due to muscle weakness or pain.

Persons suffering from neuralgia very often feel deprived of sleep and malnutrition.

Causes of Neuralgia

The most common neuralgia is trigeminal neuralgia in which trigeminal nerves are involved. Other neuralgias which do not involve trigeminal nerve are occipital neuralgia and glossopharyngeal neuralgia. Glossopharyngeal neuralgia is due to disruption of glossopharyngeal nerve and hence felt in throat. In occipital neuralgia patient feel continuous aching and throbbing pain. Main cause of occipital neuralgia is physical or emotional tension.

Trigeminal neuralgia is also known as tic douloureux. This is caused when the trigeminal nerve is damaged and its function is disrupted. Trigeminal nerve is responsible for sensory data like temperature, pressure, pain etc.

Any irritation or damage to a nerve causes neuralgia. Irritation can be caused by various factors like systemic disease, a pinched nerve, arthritis, tooth decay, shingles, and exposure to cold or injury.

Infections, such as Lyme disease, syphilis and shingles may cause neuralgia.

Compression of nerves by nearby structures like tumors can become potential cause of neuralgia.

Other common causes of neuralgia are chronic renal insufficiency, chemical irritation, diabetes, certain drugs, injury, surgery etc.

Neuralgia Treatment

The diagnosis of neuralgia is confirmed by symptoms and location of pain. The treatment focuses on reducing the specific symptoms of neuralgia. In some cases for example when the neuralgia is caused by tumor, surgery may be needed.

Natural treatment such as herbal remedies and supplements are best suited for neuralgia pain relief. Rumatone Gold capsules are effectively used as natural neuralgia treatment. This herbal supplement is formulated with best quality of herbs like sonth, pipal, kalonji, rigni, rasna etc. Besides, reducing the pain these herbs overall strengthen the system of body.

Massage with herbal oil like Rumatone Gold oil can be very helpful in reducing the ill effects of neuralgia. It reduces muscle spasm and provides relief from muscle pain. The herbs used in Rumatone Gold oil have quality of deep penetration and hence it reaches to the cell and provides the relief to the nerves.

Neuralgia Treatment

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