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How to Fade Pimple Scars

Scars caused by pimple cannot be simply removed through natural process. However, scars which are very minor can be vanished by time. But if you are having such issues and want to get rid of such scars then you should try out some home remedies.

Home remedies surely help in removing pimple scars without any side effects. The advantage of home remedies is that if you do not get any positive change it will not create any trouble for you.

Home Remedies to Fade Pimple Scars

Facing pimple scars is the very annoying, but once you see scars on your face then you need to start doing something to fade them. As in start it is easy to get rid of them but as time passes this would be difficult to completely remove them. Fortunately there are many remedies you can apply to get rid of acne or pimple scars.

Use aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera is perfect herb that can be used for skin problems. Peel off its outer surface which will take out the gel. Apply this gel on your pimple scars and then leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash your face with cool water, do this procedure daily you will see remarkable difference in just one week.

Vitamin E oil

There are many benefits which are associated with the vitamin E oil; one is that it diminishes scars on your face. Vitamin E Oil works as an antioxidant that improves the movement of several enzymes. Many researches show that it happens to be the best healer in fading pimple scars.

You can simply use it once or twice a day on your face. Applying vitamin E oil is the cheapest method to fade your pimple scars.

Mask of sandalwood

Sandalwood is good for skin and gives your skin perfect look. For getting rid of scars you can make a mask of sandalwood. This mask is very simple to make, all you need is sandalwood powder of about one teaspoon and add up few drops of rose water in it. Then mix it and apply on the scars and leave it till it dries.

Wash you face with cold water. By applying this mask daily you will get better results, this will not only vanish out your scars but give your skin a soothing affect.

Use lemon juice

If you don't want to buy anything expensive for getting rid of pimple scars then use Lemon juice. The majority of people who use lemon juice for this purpose get the desired results. Because lemons contain citric acid, which take out dead skin cells and enhance flexibility of the skin. Simply squeeze a lemon and apply it on your scars leave it for whole night, next morning wash your face. When you do it first time, may be you will feel some irritation but at the end it will heal your skin.

Usage of all such home remedies is extremely beneficial for your skin health. However, you can also choose anyone of them, the important thing is don't give up. Whichever remedy you start just give it some time; hopefully scars would vanish out soon.

Herbal Treatment for Pimples

Acne Herbal Treatment

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