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First Pregnancy Sign

If one is tremendously tuned in to the body's regularity then you may initiate to infer that you are pregnant almost immediately after conception. However, the majority of the woman does not experience an early symptom of pregnancy, until the eggs get fertilized and gets affixed to the wall of the uterine, many days after conception. On the other hand some of the women do not observe any sign of pregnancy for several days and gets surprised to know that she is pregnant. Given below is the list of first signs of pregnancy: one may experience all or some or none of the symptoms during pregnancy:

1. Food Cravings: Food cravings can at times be a sign of pregnancy. Do not assume it to be one hundred percent a sure symptom. It may appear in head. But if cravings are escorted with other symptoms on the given below list, begin to count the days from your last period.

2. Darkening of the areolas: If the skin surrounding the nipples are dark in appearance, that means you have successfully envisaged, since this may also indicate the imbalance of the hormones that is not related to pregnancy.

3. Implantation Bleeding or Cramping: Around eight days after ovulation, one might observe implantation bleeding, a little stain of pink or brown color. It may be caused by the burrowing of egg in the endometrial lining.

4. Frequent Urination: The implantation of embryo initiates to produce the hormone called Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG) and the pregnant woman will be seen going to the bathroom frequently.

5. Fatigue: Elevated levels of hormones called progesterone may make you feel tired as if you have run for several hours and with a good speed. However, fatigue is a trademark of early pregnancy, but not a sure shot symptom.

6. Tender or swollen breasts: If a woman is pregnant she will find her breasts enlarged and feel the tenderness. It also becomes itchy during that time. Once the body gets habituated of the hormone surge, the pain would get away.

7. Altered sense of taste: One may perceive that the sense of taste is changed during this period. Several women report that they have a metallic taste in their mouth while other says they do not like the taste of tea, coffee or foods they are generally fond of.

8. Morning Sickness: Morning sickness is not experienced till few days after conception. But after the two days of conception you may start feeling nauseated and queasiness. This can be felt not only in the morning but anytime during pregnancy.

9. A Missed Period: If you are generally quite usual and your menstrual period is late then it's a merit to try for a pregnancy test. A missed out period is the confidential sign of pregnancy in a woman, who generally have regular periods.

10. A Positive Home Test: If you find that you have got a positive result on performing the test at home, this indicates that you are on the path to build your own family.

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