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Quick Ejaculation Treatment, Causes, Stop Early Ejaculation

Quick ejaculation is a common male disorder which can creep up in a male's reproductive system due to physical as well as psychological reasons. Millions of men of different ages suffer with this problem all around the world, longer stay of this problem can raise other issues which negatively affect a male's performance in bed to hurt relationship as well as male's self-esteem. Medically quick ejaculation is defined as persistence of recurrent ejaculations with minimal stimulation before, on or shortly after penetration, and before the person wishes it to occur. Colloquially it is defined as inability of a male to control his ejaculation and repeatedly discharging before satisfying his partner or before or few seconds after penetration. Male suffering with this problem for a substantial period loses his confidence and starts avoiding lovemaking. This forced abstinence from lovemaking can cause irritation and hurt his self esteem. Occasional episode of early ejaculation or PE can occur in any male at any time due to benign reasons like long term continence from lovemaking or over excitement due to certain circumstances or activity, such episode is not a problem and neither indicates presence of any problem. But when it occurs frequently, a proper quick ejaculation treatment is required to avoid this embarrassing problem.

Quick Ejaculation TreatmentLawax capsule represents a special formula prepared from a mixture of potent herbal ingredients. It is all-natural and non-prescription herbal supplement exclusively designed for men facing problem of early discharge of semen. Due to amazing healing and rejuvenating properties of herbs present in Lawax capsules, this supplement has become a widely used and popular natural quick ejaculation treatment that helps men to lengthen intimate moments and make lovemaking a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Lawax capsules combine a diverse array of herbs and natural nutrients which give men total control over climax. This herbal supplement assists in overcoming PE easily and quickly. Lawax capsules help improve lovemaking performance by combating early discharge of semen, increasing erection strength and hardness and improving libido. This herbal supplement is completely safe, non-hormonal and non-habit forming and can be used worrying about the side effects.

Lawax capsules when used along with Vital M-40 capsules help to reduce stress and anxiety level and improve control over climax by strengthening male reproductive system. Lawax and Vital M-40 capsules work together in efficient way to increase the time interval before ejaculation occurs during lovemaking. Being a leading quick ejaculation treatment, these herbal supplements address the root cause of problem rather than just offering temporary solution. With a regular course of this natural quick ejaculation treatment person will not only be able to make sex last longer, these herbal supplements help immensely in increasing energy and stamina, boosting libido and power, improving blood circulation, and correcting problems of weak erection, low semen volume, weakness and fatigue. Lawax and Vital M-40 capsules are advanced herbal formulations for curing PE and work as effective quick ejaculation treatment. With these natural supplements, men facing PE problem require no creams, no sprays and no embarrassing doctor's visits. And most importantly no more interrupted and embarrassing lovemaking episodes.


Take one capsule each of Lawax and Vital M-40 two times a day as natural quick ejaculation treatment for minimum 2 to 3 months to prolong lovemaking act.

Stop Early Ejaculation
60 capsules $40 - Free
120 capsules $75 $5 Free
180 capsules
$110 $10 Free
240 capsules
(Best Save)
$140 $20 Free

Herbal Treatment for Quick Ejaculation

Male suffering from PE since long time along with severe weakness, physical and mental fatigue, weak erection and low libido needs to use Lawax and Vital M-40 capsules for 4 to 6 months to gain maximum benefits from these herbal supplements and to maximize lovemaking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the causes and symptoms of early discharge of semen?

Early ejaculation or quick discharge of semen can occur due to physical and psychological reasons. Amongst physical reasons weak parasympathetic nerves due to too much self-stimulation or coition, extreme fatigue and deficiency of zinc in the body are commonly found causes of the problem. Parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for keeping semen locked during arousal and weakness in this nervous system bring in early discharge of semen. Congested prostate gland, heart problem and over sensitivity due to excessive secretion of hormones are other physical causes of the problem which allow release of semen to occur very quickly and repeatedly. High stress can alter hormonal secretion and it can also initiate secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters which reduce duration of a male's performance substantially to cause the problem.

Erectile dysfunction can cause early discharge of semen as male gets too aroused before gaining erection and rush through the matters quickly later to ejaculate in short duration. Performance anxiety, fear and feeling of guilt are other psychological reasons of the problem. Males in habit of too much alcohol intake, use of recreational supplements and taking antidepressants may also suffer with this problem. Poor blood flow due to lack of exercises, weak heart, constricted blood vessels and lethargic lifestyle cause slow erections which can also initiate problem of early discharge of semen. Strained relationship with the partner, mental tensions and anxiety are other causes of the problem.

Males repeatedly discharging before or two minutes after penetration suffer with the problem of quick ejaculation. Presence of semen in urine, frequent wet dreams, lack of desire for lovemaking, lesser sensation in genital area and inability to gain quick and optimum erection while lovemaking are also symptoms of the problem. If a male is unable to control release of semen under all circumstances like during self-stimulation, different partner or after getting aroused due to other stimulations is suffering with the problem and needs immediate treatment. However with proper quick ejaculation treatment this problem is curable in almost all the cases.

Is there any effective natural quick ejaculation treatment to increase stamina and lovemaking duration?

Lawax capsule is a breakthrough natural remedy for problem of early discharge of semen, giving sufferers of this embarrassing condition a chance to lead a normal sex life. This herbal supplement gives men total control when they reach climax. When used in combination with Vital M-40 capsules, Lawax allows men to fully satisfy their partner and get the respect they deserve. Lawax capsules work by reducing unwanted stress and anxiety level thus solving initial symptoms of over stimulus sent from the nerves in the male genital to the brain. This supplement helps men to gain more control over their climax thus reducing the incidences of early discharge of semen. Vital M-40 capsules energize male reproductive system and improve its functioning thus making lovemaking a pleasant experience for both the partners.

Lawax + Vital M-40 capsules - Stop Early Ejaculation and Increase Stamina and Power

Stop PE
60 Lawax + 60 Vital M $75 $5 Free
120 Lawax + 120 Vital M $150 $10 Free
180 Lawax + 180 Vital M
$220 $20 Free
240 Lawax + 240 Vital M
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$280 $40 Free


The potent herbs, natural nutrients and aphrodisiacs present in Lawax Capsules are as below -

Ashwagandha is an effective libido enhancer and improves functioning of male reproductive system. Its antioxidant properties, ability to increase production of red blood cells, improved nerve functioning and properties to promote mental relaxation and feeling of well being cure problem of PE in males. Its aphrodisiac properties increase desire and drive for lovemaking and it also improves endurance and energy levels immensely to make one's love life better.

Shatavari is recommended for men suffering with the problem of PE due to its rejuvenative and nutritive properties. These properties remove debility and disorder of reproductive system and increase control and endurance levels in men to prolong duration of lovemaking. Its aphrodisiac properties maintains optimum blood flow to genital area for keeping organs nourished and oxygenated to cure weaknesses and maintaining their proper health.

Kaunch has magical properties to increase endurance levels of male by improving nerve functioning which provides males with much greater control over their climax and allows them to last longer in bed during lovemaking. Higher energy levels, increased muscular strength and increased desire and interest for lovemaking promoted by the use of this herb allow males to make love in multiple sessions.

Safed musli is commonly recommended for people suffering with the problem of PE, it increases endurance level, ability to get multiple climaxes and improve nerve functioning for better control over climax. It is very potent herb for reducing recovery time and regain energy and strength. These properties provide males with longer duration of lovemaking ability and also keen desire to perform again and again.

Semul musli is natural performance enhancer. It provides higher desire for lovemaking and also improves general health and stamina. Its properties to increase energy levels also work well for providing better control over climax. It cures disorders and ailments related to urino-genital tract to maintain proper and healthy nerve functioning to provide longer duration of lovemaking.

Akarkara contains a volatile essential oil and alkaloids pellitorin or pyrethrin, the collective effects of these and alkamides present in this herb work as potent nervine tonic and cures problem related to nerves and blood vessels. This herb has been used as very effective natural treatment for PE and to provide control over climax. It has other properties which improve stamina and elevate functioning of immunity system.

Vidarikand is famous as rejuvenator. Its properties are very useful and effective in resurrecting the reproductive system and promoting smooth functioning of all the organs present in lower abdomen. It works very well for treating problem related to urinary bladder and tract and its overall effects improve control over climax in males. It improves functioning of nerves which increase duration of males in bed by preventing involuntary or early climax.

Safed behmen improves nerve functioning and works as cardiac tonic, both of these properties provide effective cure to the problem of lack of control over climax in males. This herb is recommended for people suffering with involuntary and early climax due to thinning of semen. Regular use of this herb thickens seminal fluids and works as effective herbal treatment for PE.

Siddha makardhwaj is very effective in treating problems like lack of control over climax. It is highly recommended in treating problems like spermatorrhea and oligospermia and improves strength and stamina in the body.

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