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Home Remedies for Headache, Migraine

Headache is a common complaint that occurs at least once in lifetime. It may be due to irritation of nerves of muscles of scalp, shoulder and neck. It must be treated in early stage. The common causes of headache are high blood pressure, eyestrain, stress, strain, infection, allergy and presence of toxins in the blood.

High blood pressure may cause pain in the head, in its occipital region. You may also get headache due to low blood pressure. Cold and fever may lead to pain in head. Cold, fever, virus are best treated with vitamin C. People with psychological and emotional upsets can also get headache due to overstress and strain.

Eyestrain can also produce headache due to defective vision. Therefore, you must get your eye tested regularly by a qualified ophthalmologist. Eye exercises will sometime give relief from headache. Lack of iron produces anemia, which in turns produces headache. Anemia can be treated by consuming iron rich foods, such as green vegetables, beets, etc.

Allergy to dairy products, non-vegetarian foods and alcohol may cause headache. Alcohol consumed in excess quantity also produces headache, which can be corrected by B complex. Sometimes, headache is produced due to deficiency of vitamin B complex group especially B1, B2 and B6. Consuming wheat germ, yeast and liver can correct this problem.

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Natural Remedies for Migraine

Migraine headache starts early in the morning and goes on increasing with time and reduce by evening. It is associated with digestive disorders and eye and liver disorders. Patients get nausea and headache with severe pain in the head. The exhausted muscles will squeeze the arteries to contract and thereby the blood supply to the head is reduced resulting in pain.

The major symptoms of migraine are pain in the head region that may get aggravated by any little stimulus, severe and throbbing pain in severe cases and relapses after intervals. Healthy nutritional diet along with yogic exercises can prevent the onset of migration. Honey if taken in the morning with cold water in summer and hot water in rainy and cold season is beneficial in migraine and headache.

To get relief from migraine headache, you should fast and take only fruit juices for 1-2 weeks. Lunch must include fruit juices and vegetables preferably raw, sprouted seeds, pulses and other vegetable protein. For dinner, include rice, cereals, potatoes along with raw salad of vegetables. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins present in your body. There are certain foods to avoid in headache and migraine, such as sour, spicy and pungent foods, which according to Ayurveda increases the pain producing substance, vata in the body.

Application of cold pack to head gives a good relief from the pain. Hot pack to foot, neck and back gives good relief to the patient. Hot fomentation to abdomen before going to bed will relieve the pain. Enema, which cleanses the bowel, must be resorted to with warm water at body temperature. Yogic exercise and pranayama are also good to relieve headache.

Natural Home Remedies for Headache

1. Apply a paste of Indian gooseberry (amla) and milk for headaches associated with heat stroke.

2. Prepare a paste of garlic (lahsun) in milk and add a little salt. Apply the paste on the forehead. It is very effective home remedies for headache.

3. Prepare a powder of large cardamom (badi elaichi) in oil and use it for local massage at the location of pain. This relieves symptoms of nasal congestion.

4. Pound fresh or dry coriander (dhaniya) into a paste and apply on the forehead for recurrent headache.

5. Use nasal drops of ghee in each nostril once or twice daily for chronic headache. It is a common home remedy for headache.

6. A local rub of warmed clove (laung) oil is a good home remedy for headache.

7. Pound a few leaves of lemon to extract the juice and add to boiling hot water. Use this solution for deep inhalation. This will ease your pain.

8. Make a blend of rose water (gulab arka) and white sandalwood (chandan) powder and apply it on the forehead. This external application is one of the common home remedies for headache caused by heatstroke or nervous headache.

9. Pound a few holy basil (tulsi) leaves to extract the juice and rub two or three times a day. It is an effective natural remedies for headache.

10. Soak a cloth in vinegar and place on the forehead. This will relieve your pain.

11. Chew fresh leaves of holy basil (tulsi) or inhale fresh tulsi juice mixed in boiling water. You can also put the juice in the nostrils as nasal drops. This is soothing for the brain and relieves anxiety.

12. Pound one or two almonds (badam) in mustard (sarso) oil and use to massage the neck, forehead and sides of the head. It is very effective home remedy for migraine and headache.

13. Roast some carom seeds (ajwain) and make into a poultice. Use this to make a hot fomentation on the forehead to relieve sinusitis.

14. Massage the forehead with the juice of wheatgrass or pour 2-3 drops in each nostril as nasal drops, especially for sinusitis.

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