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Home Remedies for Myopia

Myopia or nearsightedness is one of the most common eyesight problems in the world. In this eye disorder, the person is unable to see distant objects clearly without glasses. Usually, nearsighted people can see close objects clearly but have problems reading far-away objects at a distance.

The signs and symptoms of myopia may include eyestrain, headache and fatigue when doing tasks that require distance vision like driving the vehicle. For myopic people, far objects appear blurry and indistinct. Myopic people often squint and strain their eyes, which usually cause headaches.

Myopia occurs when the eyeball is slightly longer than usual and because of this defect, the light rays focus at a point in front of the retina rather than directly on its surface. This eye problem is hereditary and usually shows its symptoms in childhood.

Mental strain, improper food habits, nerve and blood supply also plays an important role in developing this eye-related disorder. Mental strain puts a muscular strain on the eye's muscles and nerves. Similarly, reading in a poor lighted room or glaring lights may also cause this problem. Reading in moving vehicles, spending long hours in front of a television and straining the eyes are also identified as causes of this eye problem.

The common symptoms of myopia or nearsightedness are blurred vision in relation to far off or distant objects and inability to recognize well-known persons, unless they are standing next to the person. The person sees screen, blackboard in an unclear and blurred form. He has to exert hard to locate for identity, size, shape and form of an object, which causes watering from the eyes. Other symptoms seen are headache, disturbed sleep, and pain in neck and cervical portion.

It your child complaint of the above symptoms, immediately get him examined by your doctor and take all the possible steps without any delay to avoid the possibility of more serious condition. You doctor probably will make a diagnosis from the symptoms. Myopia is usually corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or LASIK eye surgery. The good news is that you can correct myopia problem largely through natural home remedies.

Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight

If you are suffering from myopia and want to regain perfect vision naturally, then you can do some eye exercises to improve your eyesight.

1. Put your palm on your eyes to block all light from reaching your eyes then imagine whatever that relaxes you. When you are relaxed, your eyes are relaxed and when that happens, it takes away the strain causing the deterioration.

2. Place two objects, about 40 cm, away from each other. Position your head in the middle of them, at a height where you normally feel comfortable. Slightly turn your head to face the left object. Try to see the object without seeing the other. This trains your eyes to focus and the ability to focus properly is crucial to perfect vision.

3. Close your eyelid and expose it to the gentle early morning sun for 10 minutes every day.
Reduce the amount of time you wear your glasses otherwise, none of the eye exercise would help you to improve your vision. Glasses cause strain and if you continue to wear them, your eye will not learn how to see on its own ever again.

Home Remedies for Myopia or Nearsightedness

1. Increase the intake of vitamin A rich foods in your diet. Foods that are rich in vitamin A are milk cream, butter, cabbage, carrots, dates, green peas, lettuce, tomatoes, soya beans, raw spinach and turnip tops.

2. Triphala is helpful in the treatment of myopia. It is an herbal preparation that consists of embelica myrobalan (amla), belleric myroblan (bahera) and chebulic myrobalan (harad). The decoction is made by mixing 30gm triphala in half liter of water. Drink it daily.

3. Liquorice (mulethi) is a useful home remedy for myopia. Take about half teaspoon of the liquorice root's powder along with an equal amount of honey and about a half quantity of ghee, twice daily with a cup of milk when you did not have any meal.

4. The best diet for myopia is raw foods. These include grapes, oranges, apples, carrot, peaches, plums, cherries, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, turnips, beetroots, and onions. Dairy products, nuts and dried fruits should also be added in the diet.

5. Take equal amounts of almonds (badam), fennel (sauf) and sugar candy. Grind them to form a powder and keep this in a glass container. Chew 10gms daily at night with 250gms of milk. Do not take water for two hours after taking this powder. This is a simple home remedies for myopia.

6. Fill a green bottle with water and keep it in the sun for one day (from one morning till the next morning). Wash your eyes regularly with this water. It is very helpful in treating myopia.

7. Eat carrots regularly. Alternately, you can take juice of carrot daily. Carrot is highly beneficial in improving eyesight.

8. Mangoes are a good source of vitamin A and calcium. Eat at least 100gms of mangoes daily during the mango season.

9. Another effective home remedy for myopia is mustard oil. Apply mustard oil in the soles of both feet daily at night. This helps in improving eyesight.

10. Soak triphala powder overnight. In the morning, strain through a clean cloth. Use this solution as eyewash for washing your eyes twice daily. This brings positive results if continued for few months.

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