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Tribulus Terrestris Supplement - Urinary Support, Increase Testosterone

Tribulus terrestris or Gokshura is often used for urinary genital support. It is a diuretic herb useful in renal stones, dysuria, impotence and kidney dysfunction. It helps maintain efficient kidney and urinary functions and reduces renal discomfort. It is also used as a potent herb for low libido and as uro-genital tonic. From the past few years, it has turned into a natural way to improve sports performance too.

Tribulus Terrestris is a powerful rejuvenating herb that improves the longevity of a person by offering immunity and strength to the body organs and muscles. It has been extensively used for treating sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In India and China, the herb Tribulus terrestris has been touted as kidney, liver, urinary, and cardiovascular remedies. In Ayurveda, the herb is considered to be a general health tonic and urinary tract disinfectant.

Latin Name: Tribulus terrestris Linn.

English Name: Small Caltrops / Tribulus

Sanskrit / Indian Name: Gokshura, Shvadamstra, Trikantaka and Gokharu

Common Name: Small Caltrops, Land Caltrops and Puncture Vine

Uses and Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura

Used as a urinary genital support

Enhance libido and provide longer orgasms and climax

Helpful in uro-genital problems and infections

Enhance energy and stamina and improve athletic performance

Lower cholesterols levels in bloodstream

Reduce urinary discomforts and prostate problems

Treat urinary tract disorders and helps in removal of urinary stones

Promote the flow of urine

Possess a mild diuretic action and antioxidant properties

Nourish and strengthen kidneys and reproductive organs

Treat cystitis, renal calculi (kidney stones), urinary discharges and incontinence

Possess aphrodisiac properties and increase semen quantity

Increase blood flow into the corpus cavernosa and helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Rectify abnormalities in the male and female sexual functioning

Helps in conditions like impotence and sterility

Helps relieve severe headaches and migraines

Helpful in gout and kidney diseases and can be used as a muscle relaxant

Tribulus Terrestris


Dysuria (painful/ burning micturition)
Crystalluria (Presence of crystals in urine), Urolithiasis (Kidney stones)
Recurrent urinary tract infections
Kidney dysfunction
Those with severe renal insufficiency / chronic renal disorder need to take this under medical supervision only
Low libido and weak erection

Servings per container: 30

Each 500 mg capsule contains: Gokshura


Take 1-2 capsules twice a day after meal or as directed by your health practitioner. For maximum benefits, take this supplement consistently for 2-3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a small flowering plant that grows in Africa, Asia, Australia and Southern Europe. The active compounds in tribulus are called steroidal saponins. These are found in the highest concentrations in the leaf of the plant. Tribulus is also a powerful natural testosterone booster.

Some of the benefits of Tribulus are -

Increase libido and performance
Improve luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels
Increase ejaculation volume
Increase muscle mass
Stronger and more powerful erections

What is Tribulus Terrestris used for?

The herb is most often used as a natural remedy to treat infertility, low libido and erectile dysfunction. It is also helpful in increasing stamina and sports performance.

What Tribulus Terrestris does?

Tribulus naturally enhances the production of testosterone which in turn influences libido and stamina. Some of the benefits of tribulus are -

Enhance libido and performance
Improve circulation in the body
Improve physical and mental attributes
Increase energy levels and stamina
Reduce mental fatigue, stress and exhaustion

How testosterone affect libido?

Testosterone and libido go hand in hand. If your body is not producing a good amount of testosterone, you will experience a significant decrease in your libido. This is the reason testosterone is called the sex hormone.

During puberty testosterone is responsible for the development of the reproductive organs, depth of voice, shoulder width, body and facial hair and libido. As adults, testosterone is responsible for strength and endurance, libido, fertility, mood and overall sense of well-being, ability to gain muscle mass and maintaining healthy energy levels. Testosterone is what makes a man feel like a man. It's what gives you a sex drive and makes you feel solid.

How do I know I have low testosterone levels?

The major symptoms of low testosterone are low libido, weaker erections, lack of energy, loss of muscular strength and endurance, loss of actual muscle mass, inability to add lean muscle, depression, difficulty sleeping and irritability.

How can I naturally increase my testosterone production and libido?

Tribulus Terrestris helps increase natural testosterone production. It is one of the most effective testosterone boosting herbal supplements that improve the overall male performance and stamina.

What are the side effects of Tribulus?

Tribulus Terrestris is a complete natural supplement. When taken at standard doses as directed, side effects are very rare. You may experience some mild side effects, such as a dull headache, or restlessness if you take too much. Avoid overdoses, and you'll avoid the side effects.

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