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Causes of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a form of cell disease in which cells get abnormal and experience fast growth. Tissues affected by cancer tend to invade adjacent cells and other tissues and organs as well. Most deadly impact of it is metastasis i.e. it can easily spread to any other location or organ through blood.

Breast cancer is caused by uncontrolled and abnormal growth of breast tissues. It is more common in women although research indicated that about 1%-3% of males are also victim of this disease. Breast cancer is malignant tumor and it often begins from milk producing glands "lobules" or ducts which use up milk from lobules to nipple of women breast. It is among most common cancer around the globe which is obvious due to its statistics.

1. Almost one in four women facing cancer turns out to be infected with breast cancer.

2. Half of the victims belong to developed nations.

3. It is most diagnosed cancer.

4. Among all the cancers diagnosed in last five years 18% successful diagnosed belong to breast category.

5. One in a eight women can get breast cancer in her total life span of 80 years i.e. there are 13% chance that women can get cancer in their life span of 80 years.

6. 80% of it occurs due to breast ducts.

It cause death when it reaches to proper tumor and when it spread to other organs. But at the same time, deaths caused by it are continuously declining in last five years due to awareness and proper treatment.

Awareness can only be developed if we know the causes and risks associated with breast cancer. Following are some of common causes -

1. Gender is a big risk factor as 95% of this disease victims are female. So being a female enhances chances of getting this cancer at any stage of her life.

2. Age is second most important risk factor. As it is mostly found in old women. Women above 60 have more chances of having this cancer.

3. Breast cancer is found more in women having greater sex hormones such as estrogens.

4. The cause can even be hereditary; if any of your brother, sister or parents has been exposed to breast cancer in past then you also have greater chance of having this cancer.

5. Sometime women can get abnormal breast cells which increases risk. These cells can be hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma.

6. Use of oral contraceptive pills can also increase risk of developing this type of cancer.

7. Changes in genes of human body can also cause breast cancer like BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.

8. Older women pregnancy can result into breast cancer due to abnormal change in hormones.

9. Early menstrual period in young girls also increases the chances of this disease.

10. Late menstrual period especially in 50-60 years of age can also increases risk.

11. Dense breast tissues are culprit of developing more cancer cells.

12. Frequent alcohol use increases chances of having this cancer among women.

It can be cure if people get chance to know about causes and preventive measure.

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