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Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia), Pain During Sex

Dyspareunia is a condition in which the women feel pain during intercourse and pain can also be felt after intercourse. Even, men can suffer from pain in the pelvic region during intercourse, but the number of men suffering from pain is very less as compared to women.


There can be many causes for dyspareunia and the doctor examines if the pain in deep inside or on the surface.

1. Vaginismus - It is caused by muscle spasm, which can make the intercourse impossible. Vaginismus can be caused by fear of getting hurt or emotional reason. It can be found in women, who are either angry with their partner or with themselves, but it is not caused by anybody's fault. Other emotional causes for Vaginismus are restrictive upbringing, background of childhood abuse, pain in vagina caused by infection, feeling uneasy with the partner or other psychological factors.

2. Collision dyspareunia - It is condition, in which, the cervix is infected and tender, to cause pain.

3. Fibroids - Womb disorders such as presence of fibroids can cause pain in deep tissues.

4. Endometriosis - It is a disorder of the tissues, which encircles the uterus and these tissues are very sensitive before the start of the monthly cycle.

5. Cysts - Pain can be caused by cytosis in ovary, which are formed inside the lining of the ovary.

6. Inflammation - Infection caused by Chlamydia, can cause pain in internal tissues as the tissues are inflamed due to the infections.

7. Pain caused due to ectopic pregnancy - Pain can be caused, when the pregnancy takes place outside the fallopian tube and the pressure on the fallopian tube is very high.

8. Superficial pains - Pain can also be caused because of lack of foreplay or jumpiness. Anxiety can cause pain and sometimes, the women who suffered health problems such as bladder problem or infections, may feel the pain.

9. Vulvodynia - It is the condition, in which, the outer part of the vulva is too sensitive to cause pain on touching.

10. Cancer - Sometimes, cancer can cause the pain, but it is mostly found in women above the age of forty.

11. Sores - Infections such as herpes, thrush, blisters and other infections such as trichomonas can cause pain.

12. Child birth - Women, who suffer injury to vulva caused by child birth or assault, may get pain. Sometimes, the stitches of the childbirth tear are not healed properly, which can cause pain. Intercourse immediately after giving birth to a child can be painful.

13. Vulvitis - It is the inflammation caused to the vulva and it can happen due to some kind of soaps or chemicals.

14. Accumulation of blood in clitoris - Collection of blood in the clitoris caused by some kind of bruise can cause pain.

15. Other reasons - Pain can be caused due to presence of foreign element in the vagina, which can cause infection and pain. STDs, genital warts and herpes sores can also cause the problem. Pain can also be caused due to dryness after menopause or lack of hormones.

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