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Frequent Urination in Women Causes, Natural Remedies and Treatment

Frequent urination (also called overactive bladder) is a condition, in which, the women or the man is forced to go for frequent urination and sometimes, the condition has other symptoms such as pain, burning sensation, vomiting and fever.

There can be many reasons for overactive bladder in women such as -

1. High blood pressure and taking medication for high blood pressure

2. Diabetes

3. Urinary tract infections - Urine may be cloudy and may even contain blood in some kind of infections.

4. Hormonal changes - Urination level changes as per the changes in hormones such as menopause and pregnancy.

5. Chronic renal failure

6. Kidney stones

7. Cystitis

8. Sleep apnea

9. Increased level of calcium in body

10. Taking excessive water or beverages

11. Taking drinks before going to bed

12. Ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer

13. Multiple pregnancy can cause the bladder to lose support and as the pelvic muscles get weak, it losses the ability to hold urine for some time.

14. Psychological causes - Sometimes, stress and anxiety can cause overactive bladder.

Frequent urination is common in certain cases but if frequent urination also has additional symptoms such as blood in urine and or pain, one should immediately see a doctor.

Natural Home Remedies for Frequent Urination

1. Pregnancy - Overactive bladder is common during certain conditions such as pregnancy in women and in such case; a pregnancy test should be conducted first to confirm pregnancy. If the cause for overactive bladder is pregnancy, one can reduce intake of fluids some hours before going to bed in the night, to prevent frequently going to the bathroom.

2. Coconut water is effective against infections and burns.

3. Cranberry juice is effective in case of kidney infections.

4. Cornsilk is effective against UTI. Fruits rich in vitamin C can be taken to prevent urination caused by bacterial infection.

5. Banana should be taken to improve muscle strength.

6. Bladder training can be done to improve bladder's storage capacity.

7. Do not take drinks high in sugar and stay away from alcohol and caffeine.

8. Exercising helps in strengthening the muscles of the urinary bladder.

9. Dodder and valerian are herbs, which are used to treat frequent urination.

10. Chinese medicine Panax ginseng is used to promote immunity and to prevent low blood sugar. It can be taken to strengthen bladder muscles.

11. Pomegranate powder can be taken two times in a day for three weeks. Do not take rice in meals, when you are taking pomegranate.

12. Dates can be taken by elderly patients, who are suffering from polyuria.

13. Grapes juice and carrot juice helps in clearing the urinary tract.

14. Turmeric can be taken with cold water.

15. Indian gooseberry juice with sugar or salt can be taken.

16. If you are suffering from urination problem in night, you can take apple before going to bed.

17. Roasted gram can be taken with jaggery to prevent frequent urination.

18. Sesame seeds can be roasted and mixed with jiggery. It can be taken once or twice in a day. Caraway seeds can be mixed with sesame seeds to cure polyuria.

19. Frequent urination may cause dehydration and one must drink fluids to prevent dehydration.

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