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Blood in the Urine (Hematuria) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Hematuria refers to the problem where red blood cells are found in urine. Sometimes, blood can be found in urine due to critical health problem but all conditions are not serious. Urinary tract includes kidney that performs the function of filtering the blood, urethras that are narrow tubes to carry urine to the bladder and bladder holds the urine until the person wants to empty it. Urethra removes the urine from the bladder through a hollow tube.

Blood is not visible in urine although it is normal to have small quantities of red blood cells in urine. Presence of blood can only be detected through urine test but if the red blood cells in urine are in high amount, the urine may appear pinkish or brown in color and this is called hematuria.

Hematuria can be caused by infection or injury to the urinary bladder. Sometimes, there is no particular cause of blood in urine and sometimes, it goes away without any medication or treatment. Urine may appear pinkish in color when a person eats fruits such as berries or beets or takes certain medications.

Some of the common causes for blood in urine are -

1. Kidney stones
2. Urinary tract infection
3. Cancer of kidney, prostate or bladder
4. Infections to the genitals
5. Injury to lower urinary tract
6. Blood clotting disease
7. Use of drugs or irritation
8. Viral infection
9. Anemia
10. Hypertension
11. Diabetics
12. Heavy exercise or running
13. Liver problem


1. Presence of red color blood clots in urine
2. Pain in the lower abdomen back
3. Feeling Burning sensation during urination
4. Vomiting or nausea
5. Fever
6. Loss of appetite
7. Frequent urination
8. Restlessness

Kidney stones can cause pain in lower abdomen and the person suffers from vomiting or nausea. Burning sensation can be felt and the person feels restless.

Urinary tract infection can cause symptoms similar to kidney stones and it may also cause fever and pus in urine.


1. The doctor may conduct urine dipstick test (a strip of paper is dipped in urine to test the blood, glucose, protein and infection) or urine analysis.

2. Ultrasound can be done in case of kidney enlargement or stone.

3. X- Ray of the urinary tract can be done to see the presence of blockages.

4. CT scan is conducted to detect stones.


1. If somebody suffers from blood in urine, one should immediately get examined with a physician.

2. In case of infection, it may take ten to fifteen days to recover.

3. The problem of kidney stones can be resolved by drinking a lot of water and fluids but sometimes stones are big in size and it is difficult to remove it with urine. In such case, the doctor may suggest therapy where the stones are crushed and passed through the urinary tract. Sometimes, the stones are removed through a procedure called cystoscopy, in which the stones are detected and removed with a scoop.

4. Blockage of urinary tract may require surgery but most of the infections can be treated by medicines.

5. Men who are above the age of fifty may have to undergo a prostate test.

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