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Irregular Menstrual Periods - Causes and Home Remedies

Most females start experiencing menstrual periods in puberty. Menstruations follow a regular monthly pattern and duration would vary from woman to woman with respect to their living styles.

Menstrual periods have a very important significance in any woman life, why? Because women with regular menstrual periods have more chances to conceive a pregnancy than a woman with irregular periods.

There are many factors which can cause irregularity in your menstrual periods and most of them are very common in nature like bad diet, stress and lack of exercise. The major reasons behind irregular menstruations are as follows -


Excessive drug use and medications can cause irregularity in menstrual periods. Especially drugs used for birth control directly affect menstrual cycle in females as menstruations are in direct relation with pregnancy.


Stress happens to be a very important factor in causing irregular menses. Stress directly affects the estrogen level in women resulting in many other complications including irregular menstruations.

Hormonal Imbalance

The slightest abnormality in hormones can cause irregular menstruations. There are multiple reasons for hormonal imbalance like overdose of medications or drugs and chronic stress.


Specific diseases like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome directly affect your menstruation. Other illnesses like flu can also disturb the monthly menstrual periods.

Diet and Exercise

Bad diet and excessive exercise has also been reported as a reason for irregular periods in many cases.

Other than the above scenarios perimenopause, the stage which female experience before menopause is also a major cause behind irregular menstrual periods.

Home Remedies for Irregular Menstrual Problems

Home solutions and natural remedies happen to be very effective in treating the irregularity in your menstruation.

Coriander seeds also known as cilantro are a very useful herb for treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding. You can make a very effective home remedy by boiling one teaspoon of coriander seeds in one quarter of water. Keep boiling it until the solution is half boiled. You can also add some sugar in it to makes its taste better and its best to drink it while it is warm.
Rough Chaff is also very effective herb in for treatment of abnormal menstrual cycles in women. The herb is commonly found in Himalayas. 15 milligrams of red chaff mixed in half cup of water can deliver you very effective results.

Another useful home remedies for irregular menstrual problems is Indian barberry. Consumption of Indian barberry up to 15 to 25 grams every day also cures irregular periods very quickly.

You'll be amazed to know a how effective banana flower is for menstrual bleeding. Cook one banana flower in a cup of curd and consume it daily. You are guaranteed to get results for treatment of irregular menses.

Another very effective home remedy for irregular menstrual problems involves boiling of Ashoka Tree Bark in half cup of water and quarter cup of milk. Boil it till three-fourth portion of the fluid is evaporated. Drink it for two day in three doses daily. The efficacy of this remedy is so high that it is even followed in cases of menstrual bleeding due to tumor.

Your diet and vitamins are very important to treat this complication. Food items like leafy vegetables, beef, shrimps, turkey, liver, beans and raison should be included in your daily diet plan as they are rich in iron. Intake of vitamin B6, calcium, zinc and manganese is also advised to tackle with problem of menstrual irregularity.

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