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Miscarriage Causes, Symptoms, Natural Home Remedies

Abortion is the term used for the termination of pregnancy and abortion is used to distinguish between natural abortion and induced abortion. Abortion is caused mostly before the twentieth week of pregnancy because before this time the fetus is incapable of developing outside the uterus. After twentieth week, an abortion is termed as premature delivery.

Miscarriage can be of three types

1. Threatened miscarriage happens when the pregnancy ends suddenly and the symptoms are bleeding and cramps.

2. Inevitable miscarriage occurs due to vaginal bleeding and in this condition, no medicine can prevent miscarriage.

3. Incomplete miscarriage is a condition, in which, the parts such as membrane, fetus or placenta stays back in the uterus. Sometimes, medications are used to expel the waste or vacuum aspiration is used to remove the left parts.

Causes of Miscarriage

1. Abnormalities in the sperm or mother's egg or exposure to toxic substances can cause abnormal fetal development, and may lead to miscarriage.

2. Genetic defect in fetus (most common in women above the age of thirty five)

3. Use of alcohol or drugs

4. Tumor or chromosomal problems

5. Stress or emotional shock

6. Infections such as mycoplasma or mother suffers from German measles

7. Physical injury or injury to uterus

8. Diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels

9. Hypertension and medical problems of thyroid glands

10. Age and health problems

11. Recurrent pregnancy

12. Excessive intake of pills (birth control pills that causes hormonal changes)

13. Fever or problems in reproductive organs

14. Sudden fall


1. Vaginal bleeding, which can be in small quantity or heavy bleeding

2. Cramps in lower abdomen and back

3. Bleeding starts after a brown discharge

4. Blood clot and several pains in the genitals

5. In case of blood, one should immediately see a doctor

Natural Home Remedies

1. Uterus infections can be prevented by taking herbal medicines. Root of false unicorn is effective in thyroid problems and cramps.

2. Squaw tea can be taken to prevent infections.

3. Raspberry juice or tea made from raspberry leaves can be taken to strengthen muscles.

4. Cramp bark can prevent muscular contraction, and black haw and wild yam is taken against infections.

5. Ginger is effective to prevent vomiting.


1. Breathing exercise can be done to enable blood circulation. Do exercise under the guidance of an expert.

2. Take enough rest mentally and physically.

3. Fruits such as vitamin E, garlic, rosemary, oranges, and apple can be taken to get minerals and vitamins, and vegetables such as spinach, peas, beans, soy and cabbage should be taken in meal.

4. Asparagus and fenugreek seeds are helpful for the prevention of stomach related disorders.

5. Deficiency or zinc can cause abortion and one should take supplements through diet.

6. Vitamin A in the form of carrot and cabbage should be taken but avoid too much of vitamin A. Take vitamins in regulated amount.

7. For baby's brain growth you need to eat almonds and walnuts. These can be taken raw.

8. Drink a lot of water, coconut water and juices to prevent stomach disorders.

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