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Ovarian Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ovaries are named to the lower portion of the human body. In females, it is an organ of reproduction which means a place where eggs are formed to give birth to new life. Generally each ovary is of almond size. Female hormones that prepare and maintain the womb for carrying a baby are made by these ovaries. They also produce eggs. Many changes come during the lifetime of a female. When a female comes to an age of 40, usually her ovaries stop producing eggs. Now, they also produce lower levels of hormones.

In the system of reproduction, female hormones also called as cells grow and then divided to form new cells according to the needs of the body. In that process, when new cells are fully formed, older cells die continuing the process. If the process goes wrong and new cells get formation when they are not required or older cells die when they should not and vice versa. The extra cells become a bunch of tissues which are named as tumor.

How Ovarian Cancer is Formed?

This tumor is of two forms, one is called benign tumor and other is malignant.
Benign tumor is not dangerous. It does not take form of cancer. It can be removed easily. Benign tumor does not attack the tissues around. Its cells do not spread to other body parts.
However, malignant tumor is dangerous. It begins at the surface of the ovary. It can take a form of cancer which is risky to female life. It can be removed but usually it grows back. Malignant tumor can attack the tissues around it and spread to the other body parts. Cells from malignant tumor get out of their primary area and enter to other body parts, hence damaging these parts as well. This extension is named as metastasis.

Causes of Ovarian Cancer

The most dangerous fact of ovarian cancer is that it does not show any clear symptoms at the time of its growth. It comes out when it is fully grown. If it is detected at initial stage, it would not be dangerous and can easily be removed. The exact reason of ovary cancer is still unknown. Yet, common sources include -

1. Having pregnancy in a very young age
2. Older age pregnancy (prefect age of pregnancy is between 18-28)
3. Deliberately preventing yourself from becoming pregnant
4. Menopause (age when female stops having periods)
5. Family history of any type of cancer
6. Taking alcoholic drinks like wine etc.
7. No pregnancy in lifetime

Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

It has been studied that not every ovary cancer patient can have same symptoms. A symptom of ovary cancer in one lady may not be in other. Sometimes a female having any of these signs may not have ovary cancer, that's why it is suggested to concern the doctor first for confirmation. However, most common symptoms are as follows -

1. Feeling regular pain in pelvis, stomach, back or legs.
2. Feeling tiring and short breath
3. Swelling of stomach
4. Constipation
5. Gas or diarrhea
6. Cannot eat properly

Ovary Cancer Prevention and Treatment

As it is the saying that "Prevention is better than cure", so there are many things you can do to prevent yourself from this disease. However, it is not fully confirmed that by taking these precautionary measures, you can prevent ovary cancer.

1. Breastfeeding
2. Getting pregnant during perfect age of 18-28
3. Low fat diet
4. Taking nutrient food in your eating
5. Vitamin A is also very helpful in Ovary Cancer prevention
6. Green tea, whole grains and nuts should be used
7. Apart from medical treatment, following things you can do to fully recover from this disease.
8. Stay active even if you don't feel good
9. Regular exercise can help you to get rid of tension and fatigue
10. Take healthy food in smaller amounts
11. Trust yourself. You can fight with disease.

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