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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of most common cancer among women. It occurs due to abnormal growth of breast cells. These cells can transfer from one organ to other and from one cell to other. Due to abnormal growth tumor is formed which can lead to person's death if not treated accordingly.

Breast cancer is one of the cancers, which is treated successfully worldwide. Its growing awareness and early detection make it easy to be cured but you should keep an eye on signs and symptoms. Common symptoms of breast cancer are -

1. Breast temperature can give you indication about cancer. If you touch it and find it warm then this can be an indication of inflammatory breast cancer. This is very dangerous type of breast cancer disease.

2. Itchy nipples and breasts also indicate signs of breast cancer in beginning.

3. Breast appearance may look dimpled. If adjacent skin shows dimpled appearance than you should consult physician.

4. Breast size also indicates its symptoms. Swelling indicates signs of having cancer.

5. During normal menstrual cycle women breast size increases and get to normal after normalized condition. If the size doesn't show any change then you should go for check-up.

6. Another symptom of inflammatory breast cancer is reddish breast skin. If skin becomes red or rash like appearance then you should go for medical examination.

7. If weight loss occurs very dramatically without even exercising then it can be due to breast cancer.

8. Pain is usual symptom if at any point you experience pain in breast, bone or adjacent area then you should consult proper treatment.

9. Breast lump is another common symptom. Lump is termed as thickness near the breast and under arms.

10. If shape of nipple changes then it can be a sign of cancer disease. If your nipple is inward then you should go for regular examination.

11. Nipple discharge is another symptom of cancer. Other than nursing if you experience discharge problem then it can be due to breast cancer.

12. Nipple tenderness is another symptom of this disease.

13. Unilateral breast enlargement is sign of developed cancer in other breast. If size of one breast is significantly smaller than other then it can be due to breast cancer.

14. Women having breast cancer may also feel extreme vaginal pain.

15. Ulcers in breasts can be treated but most of the time ulcers can develop themselves into breast cancer hence ulceration is another sign of growing this type of cancer.

16. Breast appearance can also indicates signs of cancer like visibility of veins on breast. If veins are too much visible then you should consult doctor.

17. Decrease libido is another symptom. If you feel less desire of lovemaking with your partner then it can be due to breast cancer.

Proper identification of symptoms and treatment can prevent you from breast cancer.

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